A CHRISTMAS GIFT TO MOTHER EARTH – Be Kind to the Environment

More and more people are becoming aware of the damage that civilization has committed–– and continues to impose –– on the environment. As the Earth’s delicate ecosystems are exposed to the whims of human industry,


More and more people are becoming aware of the damage that civilization has committed–– and continues to impose –– on the environment. As the Earth’s delicate ecosystems are exposed to the whims of human industry, many unfortunate phenomena are occurring such as El Niño or La Niña, more violent typhoons, devastating floods, melting glaciers—among others. Before further, irreparable damages occur, people need to focus on ways to save the world.


Why We Need to Save the Earth Right Now

Just in the last century, the damage caused by the worldwide use of vehicles running on fossil fuel, has been very pronounced. Although emission standards have been passed and are in effect in many countries, enough damage has already been done to have a major impact.

In order to save the Mother Nature, it is urgent that we look for alternative ways to fuel the vehicles that we drive; the damage that cars do to the atmosphere and the environment in general is undeniable.

Fortunately, a lot of people are opting to ride their bicycles or walk whenever possible. In this save-the-world philosophy, every little bit helps –– and each effort has an impact.


Here, five ways to save the world ecology that can be done EASILY by individuals no matter where they reside…



1. Recycle. Recycling is well known by people in a lot of countries now. In your home, why not set up a home recycling center by using several boxes or bins and separate out items for recycling. Collect cardboard, plastic, glass, paper, and metal in the containers. Take care with disposal of batteries and other hazardous materials and make sure that they get to the proper place for recycling. Also observe garbage segregation. Sen. Cynthia Villar in a previous interview with Woman Today shared that through the efforts of Villar Sipag Farm, garbage (especially vegetables, fruits, etc.)  in her hometown Las Piñas is turned into organic fertilizer. The farm produces about 60 tons a month and this fertilizer maybe availed of by farmers; recycling is also taught in various Villar Sipag Farm Schools.

Children will enjoy your attempt to save the Earth in this fashion. Kids will have fun helping out especially when they can dump the bins into the recycling center containers.



2. Think before  buying bottled water. Many people enjoy bottled water but using it is not ecologically sound. Besides possible health risks, the process for making the bottles can harm the environment and waste is another problem. Bottle production requires the use of fossil fuels and toxic chemicals in the plastic bottles can harm health and leach out as pollution. Save the world by using fewer plastic liquid containers.

We would like to mention that mineral water bottle is not a total evil and may be put to good use. For instance, Sen. Villar also shared that in Las Piñas City, the plastic bottles are recycled and turned into classroom desks distributed to different public schools.


3. Use less gas and electricity. Another way to save the world is to use less gas and electricity. Combine errands into one trip so you drive fewer miles. Trade in gas guzzler for a more efficient car. Carpool to work or take public transportation. Better still, walk or ride your bicycle. Use energy-efficient appliances and power saver settings. Replace incandescent bulbs with long lasting energy saver CFL bulbs.




4. Reduce your carbon footprint. One way to save the world is to reduce your carbon footprint by changing your lifestyle. Much human activities cause the release of greenhouse gases including CO2 into the atmosphere, which can cause global warming. You can reduce your carbon footprint by doing things like planting a tree, driving less or driving a more efficient car. Knowing what foods to buy is another way to save the world. Foods that require less processing and fertilizer are kinder to the environment.



5. Plant a tree. Another old favorite in the effort to save the world is to plant a tree. Plant many trees! Reforestation is an excellent group project and can be done in many places. Trees actually contribute more oxygen into the atmosphere than other green things like grass. As world forests are being depleted, it is more important than ever to replace these giant oxygen generators. Make it a family occasion and plant a tree to honor each child. Help save the world by starting at home!







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